Sublimation Shrink Wrap Sleeves

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  • Sublimation shrink wrap sleeves are 5" x 10".
  • Using shrink wrap sleeves allow you to wrap your entire project.
  • For use with a heat gun, please set the temperature at 300°F and use for three minutes. For use with a convection oven, temperatures will vary based on the oven used. 
  • Shrink wrap is made of premium material and is odorless and safe.
  • These shrink wrap sleeves can be used for both flat and curved items like keychains, puzzles, picture frames, mousepads, phone case, tags, earrings, water bottles, tumblers, mugs, and other objects. 
  • Sold in packs of 15 for only $7.50 (making them only $0.50 per sleeve).